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Cannelle Rebelle Doris
Cannelle Rebelle Doris

Sparkling and vibrant, Doris was born and raised in Lugano (TI) in a family of expats.

 She began her career in event management during high school, helping with birthdays and weddings in a restaurant by the lake in her hometown.

After arriving in the canton of Vaud for her studies, Doris soon completed a Bachelor in Management HEC Lausanne and a Diploma in Digital Marketing. She decides to stay there and launch  her own company in 2017, CANNELLE REBELLE, with the purpose to use her passion to serve others.

In order to acquire gastronomic legitimacy, she attends the courses organized by Gastro Vaud and obtains the Certificate d'aptitudes (ex- restaurant patent).

What began as an event and creative catering service, has evolved over the years into consultancy and content management, while continuing to work in event management.



Cannelle Rebelle
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